Special Rinse Dry Shampoo 250ml



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Special Rinse is a detergent lotion absorbing organic impurities and making the coat immediately cleaner; it gives brightness to fur without using water. Perfect when you are on holiday, on travel and in the daily life, when you have no time to make a hygienizing treatment in bathroom. Composition: its formula contains a blue pigment acting against yellowing caused by sun light or by organic substances like skin fat, urine or saliva. It contains chamomile abstract, sea oak (Fucus algae) and oar weed rich in mineral substances ( Iodine), they have a stimulating and rebalancing action on the sebaceous glands and give strength to the coat’s structure. Besides it includes fruits’ amino acids: pineapple and grapefruit’s seed clean refreshing and giving brightness to fur. Suggested for any dogs’ breed. Gently perfumed. Use: spray Special Rinse directly on the interested area; scrub carefully with a wet cloth. At the end of the dry cleaning, soak up and comb as you like. You can use Special Rinse cut with water.

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