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The prices published on our website, payments, and order invoices are in Euro.
Invoices must be required before placing your order.

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Due to simultaneous sales in our physical stores and online shopping site, inventory differences may occur.
Please note that the order will not be confirmed when the order is placed but will be confirmed when the individual order shipment confirmation email is sent.

If the item is not available, we will contact you at a later date.

The size and colour chart on each product page may differ slightly from the actual product.
If you have any questions about the size etc., please contact us prior to placing your order by WhatsApp message on +39 342 6413040 or by email at:
You can directly check the progress of your orders online by logging into MY AREA.
We would like to remind our Customers that once the orders are confirmed and processed, they cannot be changed.
Orders placed separately will be shipped separately.

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